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Artistic Statement  


“I’m only cryptic and Machiavellian ‘cause I care…”

Mastermind by Taylor Swift​“


I am an actor, an inventor, and an artist. Although the words aren’t mine, I bring my own voice to the characters I play and the music I sing. I bring authenticity and realism into the rehearsal room. The words, the music, the movements, the feelings all come from this place of truth. I feel cathartic when I bring personal elements into the work that I do. The theatre I work to create is an experience for the audience emotionally and mentally. I use my dramaturgical skills to become the best actor I can and have a clear and thoughtful story to every role I do. The ambition, authenticity, creativity, and clarity that I bring to the rehearsal room helps create impactful theatre.​


Just like a bug, I am attracted to lights. There is a different feeling and creativity that draws me towards design. I use it to tell stories in a different way. Lighting enhances characters, feelings, thoughts, and actions. I like being the arm that presses the button like an editor enhances a picture or video.​


As a musician, the keys of the piano tell the stories behind the work. The music I create has experimental elements while also being completely grounded and honest. I use my music to bring important issues into the foreground while also telling secrets in the background. I use any chance I get to give cryptic messages while also giving everything from my heart. You could say you’ve met a parallel Taylor Swift type artist ;) Having the privilege and ability to own my music and have all creative liberties helps me create the best art for you to enjoy.


​I enjoy the opportunity I have with all my artistic endeavors to promote awareness of mental health and marginalized communities, specifically the LGBTQ+ community.”

Upcoming Projects

Little Theatre of Alexandria
July 19 - August 10
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