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Nathan Nichipor has been writing music since the age of 8, but just released his third album back in my body, playing into the acoustic pop folk sound. He has released two previous albums, hiraeth which has an acoustic pop sound, and euphoria (heal me up), which contains a more alternative pop sound.


He looks to artists including Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Hozier, Lorde, Maggie Rogers, and Dua Lipa for inspiration. He can be found on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. You can follow his instagram @nathan.nichipor


"Nathan Nichipor offers a heartfelt, poignant exploration of what it means to let go of the things that hold us back and embrace new beginnings."

Cynthia Gross, Alchemical Records


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Nathan says, "The album "Back in My Body" isn't so much personal as it is storytelling. However, it calls to listeners to think about where they have come from and how much they have achieved feeling more happy and content or, back in their body, after harder times such as COVID."

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