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How would you like to hear your music like never before?

Nathan will work with you to create radio ready songs that are tailored specifically to the sound and style you want. Using his knowledge in music theory, production, and marketing, he will create help create music that everyone will love!

Work with Nathan in his (currently moveable) Recording Studio

Custom Production

Nathan works with you to create original, custom, and radio ready songs  from the ideas you bring into the room.

Vocal Production

Coming from a singing background, Nathan knows his way around many voice types, styles, and sounds and will use that knowledge when recording and mixing the vocal tracks.

Engineering and Mastering

Nathan can create audio pleasure using his best engineering and mastering skills making them sound bigger and fuller with a multitude of instruments and audio effects.

Project Files

Files are organized and ones that are not used are stripped of any content.  They are usually color coded for understanding of how everything works.

Artists and Collaborators

Nathan works with other talented musicians, singers, and songwriters in the area who would be able to come if additional collaborators are wanted.

Custom Tracks

Tracks can be made to your exact style and sound you are looking for based on Nathan's wide knowledge of production elements and instruments.

Amazing music production and ideas available to you at an affordable price.

Included in the price with every session you not only get recording studio softwares, mics, keyboards and instruments, you also get the mixer, track maker, and music wizard himself, Nathan Nichipor.

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